Content is important, but corporate culture is even more important!

MArS lives a family-friendly and modern corporate culture. We are a member of the German network “Success Factor Family” and measure our family friendliness with the “Progress Index Compatibility” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

 We offer to our employees:

 Teleworking for all team members

We enable all our employees to work from home.

 Daily video conferences

Facetime and other video chats are important to us in order to capture the daily mood of employees in the home office. We make active use of these new media, especially among new employees.

 Daily different “Messenger coffee breaks”

During our coffee breaks there is plenty of room for private conversations, such as football or political discussions. Employees who work at home or on the road are simply added virtually.

 Flexible working hours during the week

Flexible working hours enable our employees to make short-term appointments with the doctor, visit the town hall or step in at home in the event of illness.

If the workload is high, our employees are also ready for longer working days.

 Open family calendar,

Recurring family appointments during the day are entered in our family calendar. E.g. kindergarten pick-up times, football training or riding lessons. We take these appointments just as seriously as appointments with customers!

MArS live

Several times a year, all MArS team members meet to exchange ideas “live”. Then the details are about projects, future planning and a lot of team building. We also visit events such as ice hockey and football matches.