THE bi-weekly Market Access Podcast provided by MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy.

MAP Podcast

Market Access (or alternatively reimbursement) in health care is THE key competence in order to be commercially successful with a new drug, medical device or digital health application. However, given the fact that market access is a complex field involving various disciplines and is an ever-changing field, it is difficult to be up to speed with the different evolvements across the world.

MAP is THE bi-weekly Market Access Podcast provided by MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy, which is your health care consultancy in the German-speaking markets and allows you to keep up to date with market access , reimbursement and pricing issues in the D-A-CH countries and around the world. With MAP you will get a summary of core market access systems and processes as well as latest changes in regulations including statements and opinions of core decision makers and stakeholders from various countries.

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MAP Podcast #002: Prof. Dr. Wagschal – What can we expect from the upcoming elections?

In this Podcast episode, Dr. Stefan Walzer is speaking to Prof. Dr. Wagschal from the University of Freiburg about the upcoming elections in Germany.

They are discussing latest forecasts and potential policy implications.

Prof. Wagschal also explains limitations of forecasts and dynamics of recent elections.

Another important part is in the potential (new) coalitions and their likely impact on the health care market.

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MAP Podcast #001: Dr. Matthias Flume – AMNOG will change in 2022, but how?

In this Podcast episode, Dr. Stefan Walzer is talking with Dr. Mathias Flume about the AMNOG process as well as interesting details about the market access process in Germany.

Mathias is a core stakeholder within the regional payer system in Germany at one of the most innovative Statutory Health Insurance Physician Associations (KV Westphalia-Lippe). Mathias brings the payer view into the discussion of 10 years AMNOG. Success or failure?