Christmas donation 2023

Help choosing who will benefit from the MArS Christmas donation 2023.

We at MArS would like to support a project that makes this world a better place instead of Christmas presents to our customers. 

For this purpose, we have made the following preselection. 

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Autonomous women’s shelter.

Help in case of violence! Protection and accommodation Anonymous accommodation for threatened women with their children and thus protection from the abuser:

Plant my tree.

MORE THAN “JUST” PLANTING TREES Tackling where others just talk. Taking concrete action where others just posture. Working together to make a visible and measurable contribution to stopping climate change:

Ronald McDonald House Tübingen.

The first Ronald McDonald House in Baden-Württemberg is a temporary home for the families of young patients at Tübingen University Hospital:


Chinderlache supports needy children exclusively in our home region of South Baden with what they need most urgently on a non-profit basis and sometimes together with associations and volunteers.

Plan International.

Plan International is an independent development cooperation and humanitarian aid organization. Girls and boys worldwide should have the same rights and opportunities and actively shape their future.

I am in favour of MArS supporting the following project:

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