Christmas donation 2022

Help choosing who will benefit from the MArS Christmas donation 2022.

We at MArS would like to support a project that makes this world a better place instead of Christmas presents to our customers. 

For this purpose, we have made the following preselection. 

WünscheBus Südbaden – Once again experience a desired place

Visiting a favorite place, sitting on the beach and looking out to sea one last time, being at a soccer match in the stadium, visiting family one last time or simply enjoying the sunset from the Kaiserstuhl with a glass of wine – what sounds so simple is often no longer possible for seriously ill people, even with the support of their relatives.

The WünscheBus (wish bus) makes this possible for people in the last phase of life. 

We provide medical assistance where it is needed most

Our MSF teams respond quickly to save lives:
In conflict zones, after natural disasters and at the outbreak of epidemics.

Children with cancer and their families get professional support

The Förderverein Krebskranke Kinder e.V. Freiburg i. Breisgau cares for children with cancer and their families. 
For example, parents can be close to their children in the parental home while they are undergoing long therapies in the hospital. 

KiHev – Children’s Aid Kiev e.V.

The reason for the foundation of the association KiHev were the frightening impressions during a stay in Kiev and the visit of the children’s hospital of Mrs. Professor Stepanova. With the help of the city of Weil am Rhein and many volunteers, the necessary work to support these children began.

Until today, several deliveries are made directly to the hospital every year.
The goods that arrive from Weil am Rhein are not only necessary, but existential for the care of the children.

Hospice am Buck

Hospice am Buck is a place where terminally ill, dying people find security and experience loving care and qualified professional care in a protected atmosphere. The focus of our work is the dying person in his or her family and social relationships. But their relatives also receive help and support when they need it.

Our customers and partners have voted.

Our Christmas donation goes to the following project: