Inside the Swiss decision-makers – how does the system for drugs really work, Dr. Heiner Sandmeier?

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Switzerland is seen as a small but still attractive market for pharmaceuticals, even though that the Swiss decision-makers are considered as tough and sometimes even difficult. A core issue might especially be, that the assessment and negotiations primarily happen intransparently „behind the doors“. 

Dr. Heiner Sandmeier has been part of the drug evaluation committee advising the Swiss decision makers for over a century and opens his insights and secrets to all listeners. 

Some of the topics Dr. Sandmeier and reimbursement veteran Dr. Stefan Walzer discuss are as follows: 

  • What are the main drivers for a positive decision in Switzerland?
  • Who is involved in the decision process?
  • What are the challenges as well as possible solutions for the main issues?
  • What are the differences to other countries in Europe?

And last but not least: Why should you still consider to enter the Swiss market with an innovative pharmaceutical product?

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