How should market access and medical affairs work together, Dr. Mike Rosenblatt?

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We are living in an age of massive medical innovation including a lot of new modalities especially in the area of ATMPs, but also beyond. Within this area, but obviously also beyond, there are core questions in the area of tensions such as the followings:

– What are the differences between Clinical Development and Medical Affairs?

– When should a company start telling their medical story about a new product?

– What are the differences between drugs and vaccinations from a medical affairs’ perspective?

– And how should market access and medical affairs ideally work together?

Market access veteran Dr. Stefan Walzer and Dr. Mike Rosenblatt, one of the pioneers in Medical Affairs, Commercialisation and Market Access continued their come together in Boston in May 2023 in this epic podcast episode. 

Don’t miss this amazing conversation. 


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