How can people get equal access to pharmaceuticals, Dr. Nina Lathia?

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All patients within all populations should have access to high quality medications that improve their health outcomes regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or any other individual factors, wrote Dr. Utibe R. Essien in an Jama article 2021. But how does reality look like? Equality in access starts with the generalizability of RCT data and the inclusion and exclusion criteria for these studies. But it does not stop there. How do regulators, payers and physicians work against inequality? The market access veteran Dr. Stefan Walzer and the Canadian health economist Dr. Nina Lathia have discussed these pharmacoequity issues from a global perspective. What does this mean for drug development? What does this mean for clinical trials?

Let’s not leave these questions with politicians alone. The voice from all stakeholders is needed and wanted. 


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