Is quality cancer care in Ukraine still possible, Yevgen Brovko?

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Cancer care is a challenge in all countries. Now imagine, how difficult it is to organize and manage cancer care in a war zone!  

In this special MAP Podcast episode the Ukrainian market access expert Yevgen Brovko explains the situation and market access of cancer care before the Russian invasion and the current state in Ukraine. After a more broad overview, he also explains the Ukrainian health care system in general and explicitly in the oncology area, how new treatments are made available and the steps to launch into the Ukrainian market.

Finally, the market access expert Dr. Stefan Walzer puts the current environment into perspective.


Due to the difficulty in the energy supply in Ukraine, this episode has not been recorded in a one-to-one conversation but was recorded by Yevgen Brovko and sent for finalization to Dr. Stefan Walzer. україна переможе


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