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Today’s health economics require new tools to better understand evaluation, pricing and reimbursement strategies. Aware of economic issues, Prismaccess has extended its scales to the European and International markets. The Prismaccess database will give you direct access to the latest and trusted information on clinical data and endpoints, health technology assessment from major institutions worldwide and key information on pricing level.

You are entering new markets, Prismaccess International can help you in your strategy and your negotiations. This comprehensive online international database is:

  • A centralized information resource – A unique tool to get key arguments to differentiate your product to competition in terms of access.
  • The information needed in your timeline – Data retrieval on products evaluated and post-evaluated by institutions.
  • Data center solutions – A market research department available to deliver answers to your questions (cost-effectiveness, added benefit, price…).

For more information please visit the Prismaccess Website or contact us directly.

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There are more than 500,000 products, services and solutions currently made available by the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. These range from bandages, blood tests and hearing aids to cancer screening tests, pacemakers, glucose monitors and drug products.

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For more information please visit the Database Website or contact us directly.