G-BA prepared their decision-making capacity given the COVID-19 outbreak

The G-BA has decided today that the COVID-19 outbreak and the related public restrictions are special circumstances in their internal regulations. Hence they can now also utilize videoconferences and written decision-making. See also details on their website. Their decision is still due until the Ministry of Health decides on the resolution.

So, the market access route for drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, vaccinations is still open and ready for (new) innovations.

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New government in Austria – impact on the medical industry and market access?

What does this mean for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry? MArS has created a country profile update Austria – a summary is available below – the full report is available on request.

Ultimately: Given the structural changes in the overall health care system in Austria it is not expected that there will be major changes within the frame and decision criteria by the Hauptverband and hence market access.

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