The Alpes, cheese, banks – and early paid access for drugs! Wonderland Switzerland?!

The Swiss reimbursement process includes a standard submission of the evidence and a price negotiation in written with the BAG. However, in some circumstances there is a special law which also allows an early access which includes payment / reimbursement for the drug of interest.
Within this free webinar the presenters will discuss…
… the respective law and its application
… the requirements for the law
… dos and don’ts im Prozess
… die importance of physicians and insurance contacts

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The end of Covid-19 due to vaccines? By when do we have our lives back?

The covid-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on daily life of populations in the last year. Recently three pharmaceutical companies have communicated promising results of their vaccination candidates against Covid-19. Various countries in Europe have implemented vaccination programs or strategies how to set these up. Within the webinar those programs will be assessed utilizing a Covid-19 SEIR model (CovidSIM). The MArS expert team will show you in the webinar:
• Vaccination programs in Europe
• Implication of these programs from a simulation perspective
• An estimation of when the “old” normal might be the “new(set)” normal

The webinar will be held one week before Christmas. The first 24 registrations will receive a German “Gluehwein” as normally available on German Christmas markets.