Covid-19 crisis makes KOLs availability difficult – MArS has the solution

Given the covid-19 crisis, most clinical KOLs are no more able to attend any physical meetings or even phone calls due to the heavy work load in some areas of the D-A-CH countries!
MArS is working since years in a step-wise approach for such situations, when KOLs might be difficult to be approached:
  • Physical Advisory Board Meeting
  • Virtual Advisory Board Meeting
  • Virtual Delphi Panel

Please contact us directly and get your tailor-made solution to stay in contact with your KOLs:

G-BA prepared their decision-making capacity given the COVID-19 outbreak

The G-BA has decided today that the COVID-19 outbreak and the related public restrictions are special circumstances in their internal regulations. Hence they can now also utilize videoconferences and written decision-making. See also details on their website. Their decision is still due until the Ministry of Health decides on the resolution.

So, the market access route for drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, vaccinations is still open and ready for (new) innovations.

MArS has vast experience in market access strategy, the writing of applications and related price negotiations. Contact us!

Work environment given the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear clients, network partners, friends!!

Most of companies are moving now into home-office-based business given the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus! Home-office sounds easy, it is not always, especially if you have not (yet) a grown culture on that kind of work.

We at MArS always work from our home-offices, and we have specific tricks and recommendations you need to follow in order to make it successful! On the work environment section of our website you can find already some suggestions.

But please take this as an offer: Contact me or any MArS member to get insights how home-office can be made a successful story given the difficult situation we are currently all in.

Take care and stay at home!!

New analysis on external reference pricing shows negative impact on drug availability

Kanavos et al. just published another analysis on external reference pricing (ERP). ERP is widely applied by many payers across the world and also delivers short term cost savings for health care systems. Conclusions by Kanavos et al. are as follows: “ERP has not regulated prices efficiently and has unintended consequences that reduce the benefits arising from it. If ERP is carefully designed with minimal price revisions, prudent selection of basket size and countries, and consideration of transaction prices, it could be a more effective mechanism enhancing welfare, equitable access to medicines within countries and help promote industry innovation.”

The full article is available in the European Journal of Health Economics.

MArS has experience in pricing research and strategy as well as in price negotiations and can hence assess the ERP impact on the D-A-CH countries in detail.

MArS teaching at the MedTech Startup School in Tuebingen / Germany

At the start of a product’s lifecycle there are many questions to be answered and many processes to be planned. One of the core areas to cover is pricing and reimbursement as this has a direct impact on the price and patient outreach (“availability”) and hence a company’s revenues flow. MArS is teaching the tools and processes as tutors at the Startup School Tuebingen with a variety of new companies and various bright business ideas.

With our experience in pricing planning, insurance contacts, submissions and negotiations we can help driving a company through the endeavor of market access from the early days until the end.