MArS Covid-19 Task Force

The pandemic of the covid-19 virus is a burden on us all and is pushing us all to its limits! At the same time the desire to help is present. MArS has combined its internal and external forces and created a covid-19 Task Force.

In this way, we are contributing to the fight against the virus by doing what we do best: by providing the fastest possible market access and reliable data to support it.

In detail, we are currently working on the following projects:

Example masks with CE certification

Task Force: Covid-19 materials

Bridging the gap between foreign producers and the German market: MArS has signed several exclusive agreements with companies based abroad, which produce materials for the distribution of covid-19 protective equipment. As time is critical, these companies will not establish German subsidiaries and will manage contact initiations with governmental organisations, authorities and hospitals exclusively through MArS. Are you a manufacturer or potential buyer?

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Currently available products: Type I Masks

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Task Force: Covid-19 (health economic modelling)

MArS uses the CovidSIM simulator, which was developed for the epidemiological simulation of the Covid 19 pandemic. The simulator was developed by academic experts for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of the State of Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

How can we support you? For example by …

  • the simulation of the medical advantage/benefit of covid-19 early tests
  • the analysis of the effects of your vaccination against covid-19 on the population
  • to evaluate the clinical and economic impact of successful treatment of covid-19 patients in intensive care units

Offer of the task force: Analysis for Germany including 2 scenarios within 5-7 working days from 7’500 €.

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MArS Covid-19 Modellierung Graph