How to navigate complexities, Aurelie Moser: Market Access in Digital Health vs. Drugs?

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🎙️ Exciting Podcast Episode Is Here! 🎙️

In this episode of our podcast series, I’m excited to share that Stefan Walzer, a seasoned reimbursement expert, hosts the incredibly talented Amelie Moser, a business consultant with two decades of unparalleled expertise in market access!

🎯 What’s Happening?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of digital health and see how it sharply contrasts with traditional drug landscapes.

Grasp the challenges of moving global product strategies into local implementations, all through the lens of Aurelies experience.

Navigate the crucial role of ecosystem mapping, and learn why it’s important to engage all stakeholders.

đź’ˇ Key Takeaways:

Experience the dynamic nature of strategy adaptation — it’s an evolving process, not just a set document!

Join in on an enlightening discussion about the mindset shift crucial for companies making the leap from global to local viewpoints.

Gain perspective on balancing qualitative vs. quantitative data for local market achievement.

Uncover the unexplored complexities of digital health solutions and the challenges they pose.

✨ Special Mention: Dive deep with Aurelie as she discusses her founding venture, BAMBOOSTER, and how she plays a crucial role in connecting top pharma giants with startups in the digital health and AI sectors.

If the evolving landscape of healthcare piques your curiosity as much as it does mine, you won’t want to miss this episode. Listen now for this enlightening conversation! 🚀

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