Is Healthcare Just a Business in the US, Aymeric Chaupin?

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In this captivating episode of MAP, the Market Access Podcast, we welcome Aymeric Chaupin, a seasoned expert in pricing and market access. Aymeric’s unique perspective, shaped by his deep understanding of both the American and European healthcare systems, sheds light on the complexities of healthcare reimbursement pathways in the US and their impact on the delivery of health services.

Join us as Aymeric unveils the challenges and opportunities within the US healthcare market. He emphasizes the importance of coding and understanding reimbursement pathways for effective market access and explores the broader implications for patient care and the healthcare system as a whole.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights for startups and companies looking to navigate the US healthcare landscape. Aymeric shares practical advice on entering the market, from partnering with pharmaceutical giants to engaging with the FDA early in the clinical trial process. He stresses the necessity of having a clear strategy and representation in the US to negotiate coverage and formulary placement, ensuring commercial success in this pivotal market.

Despite the hurdles, the US remains a key player in the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry, accounting for a significant portion of global revenue.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion that navigates the intricacies of the US healthcare system, providing valuable lessons and strategies for companies aspiring to make their mark in this challenging yet rewarding market.

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